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February 04 2018

February 03 2018

February 02 2018

February 01 2018

January 31 2018

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Shedd Aquarium’s Sea Otters Have a Snow Day

Shedd Aquarium writes:

The otter snow day returns! Yaku, Kiana, Mari, Luna and Ellie – celebrated a snow day this week as animal care experts brought fresh snow into the Regenstein Sea Otter Habitat. In typical “otter-ly” adorable fashion, the Californian and Alaskan sea otters were spotted running, jumping, sliding and rolling in the snow.

January 30 2018

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January 29 2018

January 28 2018

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January 27 2018

January 26 2018

January 25 2018

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January 24 2018

January 23 2018

January 22 2018

January 21 2018

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Get Out of Here, Man! I’m Trying to Catch Dinner!

Via ICK9S [M. H. Stephens], who writes, “An Otter fussing at a Great White Egret. For some reason he didn’t like the Egret; but tolerated the Great Blue Heron. The two birds were following the otter along the shore as he fed. They were picking up fish that fled the otter’s movements.”

January 20 2018

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