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July 20 2017

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Help Name Me, Human!

Remember our posts on this little guy, rescued on June 25 and taken in by Vancouver Aquarium? Well, now it’s time to give this tiny fluffball a name! Vancouver Aquarium is holding a naming contest to help decide on a name, and a winner will receive admission to the Vancouver Aquarium and a Sea Otter Aquadopt kit!

The nominated names are:

  • Hardy: The tiny male otter pup was found swimming along off northern Vancouver Island, and first taken to the District of Port Hardy for initial treatment.
  • Kasa: In Kwak̓wala — the language of the Kwakwa̱ka̱'wakw First Nations on the northeast coast of Vancouver Island — ḵ̓asa is the word for sea otter.
  • Masik:  Also in Kwak̓wala, ma̱si'ḵw is the word for large sea urchins

Vote here! The contest is only open to Canadian residents (excluding Quebec), and Vancouver Aquarium will announce the pup’s new name on July 24.

July 19 2017

July 18 2017

July 17 2017

July 16 2017

July 15 2017

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There’s Plenty of Room for You on This Ice, Human!

Via Gregory “Slobirdr” Smith, who writes, “Not very often that you get to view sea otters hauled on rocks, let alone ice. But having this one in front of us, it sure seemed to make our sea otter down here in CA seem a lot smaller…”


July 14 2017

July 13 2017

July 12 2017

July 11 2017

July 10 2017

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July 09 2017

July 08 2017

July 07 2017

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Baby Rialto Gets Some Close Attention from Human

This is a throwback to when little Rialto was, well, little! Readers might remember that Rialto was initially rescued by Seattle Aquarium, who posted this photo, though he now lives with friends at Vancouver Aquarium. Here’s a link to our previous posts featuring Rialto and his story!

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I just made the most inhuman noise


oh my god
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July 06 2017

July 05 2017

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